Torino Jiu Jitsu Challenge

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Early Birds: Registration within December 31st 2019 
– Torino jiu jitsu Challenge with GI € 35
– Torino jiu jitsu Challenge Kids € 20

Night owls: Registration from January 1st 2020 to February 10th 2020 (deadline) 
– Torino jiu jitsu Challenge with GI € 45
– Torino jiu jitsu Challenge Kids € 30


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Warning: By registering to the Torino jiu jitsu Challenge you approve and abide to all the issues listed in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS section.


The terms and conditions of TURIN JIU JITSU CHALLENGE are listed below: I, the undersigned,
submitting my application for participation in the TORINO Jiu Jitsu Challenge to be held at the Palaruffini site in Viale Burdin, 10 in Turin (Italy), on February 15th 2020, I take full responsibility for all damages, injuries and losses that can lead to or that I myself can suffer actively participating as an athlete or just witnessing the sporting event. I also declare to waive any claim against Jiu Jitsu FACTOR, operators, promoters, sponsors, officials, participants, spectators and PalaRuffini, levandoli of any civil or criminal liability for damages caused to third parties, persons or things, as part of the sporting event.

I authorize the medical staff present at TURIN JIU JITSU CHALLENGE to take all actions necessary in the event that the victim of an injury and / or remains for any other reason the victim of physical damage during the sporting event.
I further understand that the mass media and other operators may resume sporting event to which I ask to participate and thus expressly and irrevocably renounce forever to any compensation arising from the fact that those images and / or recordings may be disclosed and / or subject to commercialization , giving as of now its consent to the uses listed above.

I also declare to be in possession of a valid medical certificate that declares me fit competitive sports activity and do not attend the TURIN JIU JITSU CHALLENGE under the influence of any drug or medication, psychotropic substances or alcoholic.
Under my personal responsibility, I declare to be the holder of an appropriate insurance policy or procured for damages against third parties or things in the course of the entire sporting event. If the athlete’s online registration process is accepted, the same athlete is allowed to compete, despite what JIU JITSU FACTOR as the organizer expressly reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, with or without cause, to change or otherwise modify the information contained in the registration form, including but not limited to: Academy of belonging, name and last name of the athlete. In addition, the Organiser expressly reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, with or without cause, to add or remove an athlete from the open category.
The organizer expressly reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, with or without cause to deny an athlete permission to take part in the tournament.